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You will need to take the following points into consideration when submitting your entry:

  • You may enter more than one category but each individual entry can only be submitted for a maximum of two categories.

  • Entries should be submitted via the online entry form - click here. 

  • You must submit a 500 word summary with supporting information about how the entrant(s) have achieved their success for each entry. Please note the word limit for the entry summary is strictly 500 words.

  • Only six pages of supporting material will be accepted – this should be collated into a single six page document.

  • Entries should be mainly based on the period June 2019 to October 2021. However, relevant material can be submitted for work prior to June 2019.

  • Awards Entry Deadline: Friday 22nd November 2021 (Entries now closed)

*The Awards are for European based companies or companies that can present a European project/trade as their entry.